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Hi! I’m Alison!

I’m the founder and owner of Pinfluence Media, as well as a fellow influencer and online business owner.

I started Pinfluence Media after experiencing first-hand the impact Pinterest had on my online business. Through much painstaking study and trial and error, I discovered proven Pinterest strategies that have impacted my online business.

These strategies can be pivotal to help you leverage the impressive power of Pinterest to send your business and online influence to the next level. Reach out to me or take a look at our services to how our team can serve you and your business. We look forward to hearing from you!

Pinfluence Media · Your Secret Pinterest Weapon

Pinfluence Media is a full service Pinterest management agency, providing account management using proven strategies based upon the latest knowledge and tested methods to increase your business’s reach and influence on the powerful Pinterest platform. From account setup, to keyword research, Tailwind, audits, pin image creation, and Pinterest business planning, we can help you bring your Pinterest to its full potential.

What Others Are Saying

Smart School House

Maintaining a successful Pinterest account can be a full time job. Creating new pins, scheduling content, keeping up with algorithm changes, and staying on top of pin analytics is so time consuming. Pinfluence Media has helped me GROW my Pinterest following, INCREASE my pin engagement, and OPTIMIZE my boards and pin descriptions. Having them strategically pin my content has not only saved me time, it’s helped my overall business flourish!

Kelly Dixon

Smart School House

One thing that has really impressed me right away is that I noticed that there is a lot of thought going into finding a new strategy for me. I kind of expected to see 2–3 weeks’ worth of 25+ per day pins flung up all over the place that showed demonstrated evidence of a manager’s fingers crossed and hoping for the best until someone could take a look at my account again in a couple of weeks, because this is what I was used to seeing previously with other managers. Instead, what I saw were more original thought-out pin descriptions and carefully contemplated hashtags with pins strategically timed out and less harried, along with content being heavily influenced by my brand. It was impressive! Thank you for making me feel like there is a real strategy being worked on with my account. It’s very encouraging!

Terri Edwards

Eat Plant-Based

Your Guardian Chef

I started working with Pinfluence Media in January 2020. As a part of their onboarding offer, Alison did a mini audit of my Pinterest account and gave me some very helpful feedback, which I have implemented. As I was not yet monetizing my blog I was able to choose an affordable package in line with my budget which helped me to free up my time and focus on publishing more posts. After few months I was able to qualify for Mediavine and one year later my Pinterest traffic has increased 600%!

Laura Tobin

Your Guardian Chef

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