Full Service Pinterest Management

Pinfluence Media offers a complete range of services to provide holistic Pinterest management to our clients. Browse some of our services to find which ones your account needs the most. Don’t forget that most of these services are included in monthly management packages!

Our Services

  • Daily Pinterest Management
  • Board & Account Cleanup
  • Full Account Audits
  • On-brand Board Creation
  • Pinterest keyword research
  • Keyword Content Ideas
  • Product Creation Ideas
  • Personal Pinterest Advice
  • Pin Image Creation
  • Video Pin Creation
  • Tailwind Account Setup
  • Tailwind Tribes Scheduling
  • Tailwind Tribes Research
  • Strategy Phone Calls
  • Detailed Business Planning
  • Facebook Support Group

We Design Pin Images!

Pinfluence Media offers in-house professional pin image design using the latest styles and trends to drive traffic to your site and create conversions for your business. Each member of our curated design team is experienced and has an eye for good design that make images pop on Pinterest.

Pinfluence Media offers several packages that include pin image creation. Looking for more? You can also purchase pin images a la carte, or in bulk with our special bulk pricing.

What Sets Pinfluence Media Apart?


Pinterest is a social media platform. That means it’s constantly evolving. We stay on top of the latest algorithms and trends so we know exactly how to market your business the most effectively.


We don’t believe in just filling your schedule with pins. We focus on delivering quality, well-worded pins into the Pinterest feed so you, other pinners and the entire Pinterest team is pleased with the inspiration that your business shares on Pinterest.


Marketing your business alone can lead to burnout. When you work with a team, you have additional support from people who care about your business. Every person on our team will strive to make sure that your business gets the care and attention it deserves.


Our team wants to be reachable and accessible to all clients. You can reach someone on our team via our Facebook page or by email. You’re always free to reach out with concerns, questions or even a Pinterest-related question that you’re itching to know the answer to.


You need more time to create products, answer emails, write new content and make videos. We get it. Let us give you the gift of more time invested in your business by managing your Pinterest marketing. It’s one less daily task you have to worry about!


Our clients see results. Those results come in various forms. Sometimes they see more traffic. Sometimes they see more email sign-ups. Sometimes they see more product sales. Let us know what kind of results you want to see and we’ll strive to help you reach those goals!

Our Expertise for Your Business

We’d love to have a discovery call with you to show you how we can help you make your business thrive!